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  • adj. pertaining to ekphrasis; clear, lucid


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From ekphrasis.


  • I offer this ekphrastic poem as a commentary, and as a token of love:

    Scott Cairns: The Dormition of the Mother of God

  • I had never heard of the word a couple years ago when Peter Bray from Benicia emailed me, "Your poem Watching McKinley is ekphrastic."

    FIREFALL painting/poem

  • Watching McKinley --- Painting and poem yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Watching McKinley --- Painting and poem'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: I painted Watching McKinley in July \'04 a year after a vacation to Alaska, and wrote the ekphrastic poem describing the painting in April \'07.'

    Watching McKinley --- Painting and poem

  • So, for example, if a judge only read "nature poetry" and, by implication, that would mean only wanted to read "nature poetry", then it's highly unlikely that the competition's winner would be, say, a spoken word collection or an ekphrastic poetry collection based on Dutch paintings of tavern interiors.


  • I've been enjoying much of Tom Clark's ekphrastic writings -- he's certainly one of the more deeply enchanting practitioners of image-inspired poems out there, from a flying flock of Barnacle geese to extending the evocativeness of Egon Schiele .

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • I wonder how much the poet drew inspiration from this particular visual artist (an ekphrastic or two, perhaps?), or if poet and painter are simply of like minds.

    Wednesday Shout Out : Rigoberto González : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • A whole other level of ekphrastic poetry... so much of which becomes a matter of surface description with no bite, not depth of inquiry or emotion even though this form seems the province of lyric and/or formal poets.

    70s classics poetry Ashbery

  • Another sequence, also excerpted here, is Series Magritte, an ongoing succession of poems currently 199 responding to, or placed ekphrastic beside, paintings by the great Belgian surrealist.


  • So, while I had developed my prose poem body of work under the influence of trans-colonial and ekphrastic concerns, it's easy enough to rewrite my work's context as *post-Langpo* not that I mind it, if a critic were inclined to do so.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • There is an automatic assumption in poetry that any first person narrator is automatically the author, unless it is an ekphrastic or historical poem in the voice of a famous person.

    Breakfast in Bed


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