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  • n. Plural form of elaboration.


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  • They can only be given an adequate reading if the richness of the conceptual and textual fabric of Kant's elaborations is brought to bear on Kant's argument, for example, by reaching what de Man calls "linguistic" understanding (AI 82).

    Thinking Singularity with Immanuel Kant and Paul de Man: Aesthetics, Epistemology, History and Politics

  • It's a relief to have someone call him on his "elaborations"don't get me wrong--I LOVE Hawks' films-you may remember I'm a hardcore "Rio Bravo" person.

    Page to Screen

  • On Oruka's view, not every member of society carries out these kind of elaborations and conceptual clarifications of the principles that underlie what the majority live at the pragmatic level only as custom.

    African Sage Philosophy

  • In particular, there have been some "elaborations" of general relativity called Rm gravity theories that attempt to make small changes in the standard theory that are at the same time consistent with all existing observations and also account for the observed accelerated expansion of the universe without the need to invoke dark energy.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • On ballads he shapes his solos like a sculptor, using plenty of chords to give his improvisations a three-dimensional feel, and on the enigmatic "Fall" (a tune Wayne Shorter brought to the Miles Davis Quintet) he executes a deft one-man simulation of a quintet performance, flipping continually between resonant single-note phrases and the kind of elaborations on the melody that the rest of the front line might play behind the soloist.

    Chicago Reader

  • The for-profit college industry in recent months has seized on revisions made to the report in November - changes that in many cases represent technical tweaks and elaborations, but that the industry says have "cast serious doubt on the credibility and objectivity of the GAO's analysis."

    Investigators Accused Of 'Malpractice' In Report On For-Profit Colleges

  • The 'content descriptions' set down the entitlements but we have provided 'content elaborations' as well for those teachers who would welcome additional guidance about how the content might be dealt with.

    C. M. Rubin: The Global Search for Education: Australia on the Move

  • The elaborations also serve to meet the expectations of those states and territories that traditionally specify their curricula in more detail than others.

    C. M. Rubin: The Global Search for Education: Australia on the Move

  • Are there any accessible (i.e., not too tech-y) elaborations of your summary? acdalal

    Ada Lovelace Day Spotlight: Radia Perlman « This is what a computer scientist looks like

  • Both contemporary art and contemporary poetry share a position realms of the ne plus ultra, in that anything goes: there are no limits to experimentation in form, elaborations of concept or nature of content.

    April « 2009 « Squares of Wheat


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