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  • Log in to Reply sutenvulf (UID#2629) on November 10th, 2009 at 12: 16 pm so a berzerker and an eldar walk into a bar …

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  • Priad is a Space Marine, a superhuman warrior in the far future, and the book opens with a world that summoned an Iron Snake to help it against the horrors of the primuls -- the dark eldar, exceedingly nasty sorts of aliens, who are fond of taking prisoners in order to torture them.

    Brothers of the Snake

  • Abnett also makes greater use of the greater Warhammer 40,000 universe again, no foreknowledge of the setting is required to enjoy this novel, throwing in some appearances by the orks and eldar to spice things up a bit.

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • For to King Hary, of Jane Somer, [267] (after the death of Quene Katherin, and of all utheris that mycht haif maid his mariage suspect,) was gevin a sone, Edwarte the Saxt of blessed memory, eldar some yearis then our Maistress, and unto us was left a Quene, as befoir we have heard.

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • Wyth the Governour thei wold have nothing ado, neyther yitt with any Scottishe man; for thei had all tratorouslye betrayed them, "Which," said the Lard of Grange eldar, (a man sempill, and of most stout corage,) "I am assured God shall revenge it, or it be long."

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • Normond Leslie, Schireff of Fyff, [438] and appearing air to his father, the Erle of Rothess; the said Johnne Leslye, father-brother to Normound; the Lardis of Grange, eldar and youngar; Schir James Lermound of

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • I have seen since left 4 dead series where players actually play as a team, eldar Pull move combined with Tyranid poison is pretty darn deadly, the only thing I don't like about it is if you have 2 space marines (never seen 3 as I have never played as one) in your team with revive and an Eldar with Ward it is almost impossible to do wave 16 11 minutes ago, -0/+1Mass Effect 1, Morrowind, F. E.A.R (2), System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Stories / Popular

  • $15 for 2x eldar waveserpent parts - guns, sensors, loads of bitz

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  • $45 for 2x eldar warwalkers - these are going to be very heavily converted. might be one bizarre walker in th end?

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  • $10 eldar vyper, fill out a group of 3 with the other 2 i had, pretty blank and conveniently simple paint-job i'll do up. i'm gonna do more mecha, bigger, better, and with far more crap than is ever going to be game-legal and i'll probably be tempted by imp guard soon, i've bought odd metal bits of them before. timmay33 Project Gotham Racing 4 - X360 - $20 these forums

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