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  • noun The state of being an elder.


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elder +‎ -hood


  • Some of them like to think of old age as "elderhood," which is thinking of old age as just another stage of life, like childhood or adulthood.

    Raging Against Aging

  • Maybe after elderhood we won't have death, just more stages of elderhood, perhaps dignified with Roman numerals, like Super Bowls: Elderhood XXVII . . .

    Raging Against Aging

  • Nowadays there are predictions of decrepitude-free eternal life—perpetual elderhood—through cyborgian implants, restoration therapies, genome sequencing, cellular age-reversal work-ups and trans-humanism.

    Raging Against Aging

  • The marriage of youth (in the body) and elderhood (in the soul) and the sweet possibility of a life lived all the way out to its edges, a full on, full out, full volume life.

    Dr. Judith Rich: Cycles and Seasons of a Soulful Life

  • They hopefully will make it through the phases of childhood, young adulthood, midlife, and elderhood.


  • Plus a few approaching the cusp of elderhood, who have so touched my heart and my life, that I stand in the world and walk on paths they have cleared with a steadiness of gait and sureness of direction that I could not imagine feeling without their having made the way.

    Alison Rose Levy: Thanksgiving Recipes: Relishing Loved Ones and Cranberries

  • Awakening, enters midlife during an Unraveling, and spends their elderhood during a Crisis.


  • The human life cycle extends 80 to 100 years going through the stages of childhood, young adulthood, midlife, and elderhood.


  • My mama's boy is 36 now and after all those years of detention, wrecked cars and speeding tickets, finally he is the one who looks out for his mama as I segue into elderhood.

    Arms And The Mom

  • The climax of the event will be his admission to elderhood in a ritual performed by elder Steve Rhodes in conjunction with a triumvirate that also includes Chief Femis Asekun and Ambassador Segun Olusola.

    A Painter meets an Actor on Great Highlife Party Stage


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