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  • v. Common misspelling of electrocute.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To put to death judicially by means of electricity. Also electrocute.
  • To execute or put to death by electricity.


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  • If the blade dulls in the field it has a sharpener in the handle that works great and it has a glass breaker butt cap for the army pilots to break through the glass on a helecopter if they need to and the hande is a rubbery type grip so that if you cut hot electrical wires it wont electricute your hand.

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  • They can electricute you and eat you, Alien style.

    Moray Eels, sorta like Aliens without the acid blood… : #comments

  • REALLY GOD!!!! ne ways, get a life, and find some cuter animals to electricute!!! ok bye

    Snake Skeleton

  • Next they will ban: water because people drown electricity because people electricute themselves tall buildings because people jump off of them

    We're from the government and we are here to help...

  • They strangle, electricute, poisen, and hurt to death by them****** PPL!

    Jennifer Lopez Ex-Husband Bombarded With Death Threats

  • Then there are electric cars and electric lights and dynamos, with which men electricute other men in the wink of an eye.

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  • Eiffel Tower election electric electricity electricute elevator elf embed engine

    I Hate My Cubicle!!!

  • This time they just need to squeeze the trigger and electricute ya. instead of using just force and arresting you like the real cops do unlike the licensed to be an azz while being a tough like bully. when police officers break the laws dont expect citizens to obey them.


  • Having committed murder, no doubt they will be "lifers" in the prison system or should we electricute them to save the money.

    U.S. News

  • As for current, i would really call it current. the cable transfers data. granted, this data is in the for of electrical signals on or off because computers can only read on and off or 1s and 0s. so technically there is electricity but it’s not enough to electricute someone. it’s just data for the computer to read.

    Utp Transmission | Surveillance


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