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  • adj. describing any material (especially in a cell) that is electrically active or responsive
  • adj. describing any polymer that changes shape in the presence of an electric field


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electro- +‎ active


  • Professor Peter Skabara, an expert in electroactive materials at the University of Strathclyde, praised the high stability and fabrication strategy of the polymer-based battery.

    Flexible Battery Charges in a Minute | Impact Lab

  • The technology is known as electroactive polymer artificial muscle.

    The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines

  • This new device, which was jointly developed by the Japanese company Hyper Drive and uses SRI's rubbery material, called electroactive polymer artificial muscle - what a mouthful for the name of a rubbery material.


  • Simple in design, the device uses electroactive polymers, which change shape when voltage is run through them, forming the raised braille letters.

    Braille E-Book Concept | Impact Lab

  • The team plans to mimic the longitudinal muscles with soft silicone rubber interspersed with a type of electroactive polymer EAP called a dielectric elastomer.

    Scienstists Developing Robotic Octopus To Sovle Mysteries Of The Sea | Impact Lab

  • Two sets of tiny electroactive "pacing cells" give rise to the heart's normal rhythm by stimulating other cells to contract in certain sequences.

    The Speculist: Pace Yourself

  • For this, Canny plans to fill inkjet cartridges with electroactive polymers that contract when zapped with a voltage, enabling components to flex in desired directions.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » P2P Desktop Manufacturing

  • EAP stands for electroactive polymer, also known as artificial muscle, and earlier this month, the best artificial arms wrestled with a human opponent and lost decisively.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » Electric muscles

  • Also:Artificial muscles, or electroactive polymers as they are known, are rubber and plastic-like materials that flex, bend and expand and contract when put in contact with chemicals or electricity.

    Artificial muscles

  • Chemionics: Molecular Photonic, Electronic and Ionic Devices: Photoactive and electroactive cryptates; energy and electron transfer processes; light conversion; photo-antenna; ion transfer; molecular and ionic switching and amplifying processes; molecular protonics.

    Jean-Marie Lehn - Curriculum Vitae


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