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  • n. Plural form of electrocardiograph.


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  • "The machine is connected by wires to each of you, and will make what are called electrocardiographs, in which every emotion, every sentiment, every passion is recorded inevitably, inexorably.

    Guy Garrick

  • As an alternative, Dr. Gigerenzer and his colleagues came up with a "fast-and-frugal" tree that asked the doctors just three sequential yes-no questions about each patient's electrocardiographs and other data.

    All Hail the Hunch—and Damn the Details

  • May administer injections and medications; dress wounds and incisions; assist with emergency and minor surgery; clean and sterilize in struments and equipment; conduct laboratory tests; record and develop electrocardiographs and X-rays.

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  • We believe we have the potential to add value to each and every one of the electrocardiographs (ECG) performed each year.


  • The project uses broadband technology to transmit electrocardiographs from the field to the hospital before the patient arrives in the emergency room.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • You would wander through the building, hooked up to electrocardiographs, every flutter of heart valve and sweat gland monitored by doctors from afar.


  • The information transferred in a telemedicine exchange may include live bidirectional audio or video, recorded audio or video sent after the encounter ( "store and forward" technology), medical records, medical images, sounds, or output from medical devices such as pulmonary function instruments, electrocardiographs, and ultrasonography devices.

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  • Guereda Hospital is one of three IMC facilities in eastern Chad that soon will be receiving desperately needed equipment donated by the GE Foundation: x-ray machines, ultrasounds, electrocardiographs, fetal monitors, etc.

    International Medical Corps

  • It also provides full support for IEEE 11073 devices including glucometers, pulse oximeters, electrocardiographs, weight scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors and respirometers.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • The new Center will focus on developing novel methods and new technologies to evaluate electrocardiographs (ECG) for the purposes of predicting cardiac arrhythmias.



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