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  • n. A music style fusing dance music, punk and electronic.


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electro- +‎ clash


  • Mac is using my trademark term electroclash in their launch program. Quality Porn Links

  • And do you remember what everyone called electroclash kids?

    Steven Nereo: If You Know What a Hipster Is... You Are One

  • They've been often linked to the so-called electroclash scene as well, but I guess there's much more in the composition than simply electroclash components.

    Side-Line news feed

  • "To its credit, 30 Century Man is seriously focused on defining and promoting appreciation for the music itself," writes Allison 'electroclash' Goldfrapp, who praises Walker for 'not hiding behind fashion or rhythm.'

    GreenCine Daily

  • When Ladytron started, they were readily shunted into a catch-all of early-2000s acts awkwardly tagged "electroclash," as a variety of newer acts reworked a range of early-'80s styles to their own ends.


  • Larry Tee, the man who coined the term "electroclash"!


  • A year ago we were sent a painfully hip compilation album that sounded as if it was entirely created by a squad of self-regarding Nathan Barleys who somehow managed to turn on the 'electroclash' preset button on their Bontempi synthesisers despite their heads being firmly lodged up their arseholes – except one song; Giddy Stratospheres by The Long Blondes.

    Hear The New Long Blondes Album & Go To Its Secret Launch Party!

  • They started an electroclash night in Mexico City.

    Down and Delirious in Mexico City

  • His argument, briefly, was that skyrocketing real estate prices had led to the rise of electroclash and the psychedelic folk revival, two fringe genres that flourished because, well, neither of them required a lot of expensive real estate.

    The Hipster Depression

  • Whereas electroclash and psychedelic folk flourish in tiny spaces, perhaps the orchestral pop of Beirut will take advantage of newly-inexpensive real estate.

    The Hipster Depression


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