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  • n. Dialysis at a rate increased by the application of an electric potential across the dialysis membrane, used especially to remove electrolytes from a colloidal suspension.

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  • n. a form of dialysis in which the rate is increased by the presence of an electric potential across the membrane, especially one using an ion-selective membrane


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electro- +‎ dialysis


  • In 1996, some 550,000 m3 of seawater were desalinated in the Lakshadweep Islands, mainly through electrodialysis and reverse osmosis.

    Water profile of India

  • A number of technologies have been developed for desalination, including reverse osmosis RO, distillation, electrodialysis, and vacuum freezing.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Wineries and grape growers have launched hundreds of retrofit projects as a result, including insulating wine tanks and using electrodialysis instead of a process called cold stabilization to reduce tartaric acid in wine.

    In Search of Lower Sales

  • It cuts down on refrigeration by burying its storehouses and using high-tech electrodialysis in place of refrigeration for removing tartrate crystals from wine.

    First to Report Spanish Civil War,

  • Many parts of the world have available brackish water resources that could be tapped and purified to augment limited freshwater supplies, but traditional desalination processes such as reverse osmosis and electrodialysis consume significant amounts of energy.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • Its salt battery is based on a process called reverse electrodialysis (RED) and consists of a stack of membranes.

    New Scientist - Online News

  • Through a process called reverse osmosis/electrodialysis, they will distill that down to hundreds of milliliters.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • A demineralizer contains one or the case of electrodialysis, the salts dissolved in more cation exchange beds, followed by one or the water are forced to move through cation - more anion exchange beds.

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  • The treated water will remove undesirable impurities from the water normally have most of the hardness removed, supply, including reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, but will still contain other impurities.

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  • Common treatment methods to remove these water treatment practice and the conditions of impurities include lime softening, sodium cycle the boiler to be treated. cation exchange (often called sodium zeolite soften­ ing), reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, and ion ex - External Treatment change demineralization.

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