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  • adjective electrodynamic


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  • Perhaps the kinematics half could have been published by suchandsuch and the electrodynamical half would have been published by soandso.

    Conflicting Explanations for Withdrawal of Dover Experts? - The Panda's Thumb

  • First, 19th-century electrodynamics raised again the question of a privileged frame of reference: the conception of light as an electromagnetic wave in the ether implied that the rest-frame of the ether itself should play a distinguished role in electrodynamical phenomena.

    Space and Time: Inertial Frames

  • I did gather from my readings, however, that two things were the source of the difficulties with the quantum electrodynamical theories.

    Richard P. Feynman - Nobel Lecture

  • The epoch-making theoretical investigations of H.A. Lorentz on the electrodynamical and optical phenomena connected with moving bodies show that experience in this domain leads conclusively to a theory of electromagnetic phenomena, of which the law of the constancy of the velocity of light in vacuo is a necessary consequence.

    Chapter 7. The Apparent Incompatibility of the Law of Propagation of Light with the Principle of Relativity

  • This theory was of a purely electrodynamical nature, and was obtained by the use of particular hypotheses as to the electromagnetic structure of matter.

    Chapter 13. Theorem of the Addition of Velocities. The Experiment of Fizeau

  • This hypothesis, which is not justifiable by any electrodynamical facts, supplies us then with that particular law of motion which has been confirmed with great precision in recent years.

    Chapter 16. Experience and the Special Theory of Relativity

  • Then, it is important to stress that the Dirac exclussion principle put drastic limits to possible phenomena in cosmological backgrounds in an opposition to electrodynamical ones.

    physicsworld.com: all content

  • Instantaneous coordination • Instantaneous coordination of body functions is mediated, not by the nervous system, but by the body consciousness in the liquid crystalline continuum of the body. • this liquid crystalline continuum is responsible for the direct current (DC) electrodynamical field, permeating the entire body of all animals, • Becker has further demonstrated that the DC field has a mode of semi-conduction that is much faster than nervous conduction.

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  • Second, the abandonment of the ether ” following the failure of attempts to measure velocity relative to the ether and, more generally, the apparent independence of all electrodynamical phenomena of motion relative to the ether ” did not vindicate the Newtonian inertial frame, but required a dramatically revised conception.

    Space and Time: Inertial Frames


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