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  • n. A record of the electrical activity of an organ

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  • n. A diagram exhibiting continuously the electric condition of the atmosphere at any station.


From electro- + -gram (Wiktionary)


  • But what happened when we looked inside the pig's heart, to the electrogram?

    Robert Fischell on medical inventing

  • And then we put a lead, which is a wire, in the right ventricle inside the heart, which does the electrogram, which is the signal voltage from inside the heart.

    Robert Fischell on medical inventing

  • The means consist of noting something a little technical, ST segment elevation of the electrogram.

    Robert Fischell on medical inventing

  • There it was, Thursday morning we stopped the pig's medication and there is his electrogram, the signal from inside the pig's heart coming out by radio telemetry.

    Robert Fischell on medical inventing

  • And when you have a blockage, the alarm goes off and it sends the alarm and the electrogram to an external device, which gets your baseline electrogram from 24 hours ago and the one that caused the alarm, so you can take it to the emergency room and show them, and say, take care of me right away.

    Robert Fischell on medical inventing

  • A minority of cases also included linear ablation (38%), complex fractionated atrial electrogram (21%), and ganglionated plexi (4%).

    Social Security Reports, News and Informaion

  • Hazardous incidents included: total switch-off and change in set ventilation rate of mechanical ventilators; complete stoppage of syringe pumps; malfunction of external pacemakers; complete stoppage of renal replacement devices, and interference in the atrial and ventricular electrogram curve read by the pacemaker programmer.


  • The CardioFit system consists of an electro-stimulator device with a nerve cuff electrode and an intra-cardiac electrogram (EGM) sensor.


  • An implanted device which is designed to detect, analyze and store the patient's electrogram waveforms and other crucial heart-signal data.


  • Easy to read clinical information, including heart failure and atrial fibrillation diagnostics, an intracardiac electrogram, IEGM-Online HD, (a tracing representing the heart's electrical activity similar to an ECG but taken from inside the heart) as well as information related to device integrity is automatically available on the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system.



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