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  • Tesla's solar panels, Tesla's wireless broadcast power, and the Biefeld-Brown Effect, an electrogravitational phenomenon that causes powered flight.

    Boing Boing: March 30, 2003 - April 5, 2003 Archives

  • The author still recalls the feeling of absolute awe that came over him when he realized that beneath his feet, the entire Earth was in entrained giant electrogravitational resonance on

    Chapter 6

  • Up to now, scalar EM has attracted only scant attention from the scientific establishment in the Western world, even though the well-known "pump wave" in four-wave mixing is a scalar EM (electrogravitational) mechanism that makes possible the pumped phase conjugate mirror amplification of time-reversed EM waves.

    Chapter 6

  • The scalar EM component constitutes an electrogravitational potential standing wave in the 5th dimension, since all EM is fifth-dimensional in the well-known Kaluza-Klein theory.

    Chapter 6

  • It is thus a "time-stress engine" of purely electrogravitational nature.

    Chapter 6

  • This allows the stressed nonlinear Earth to act as a self-pumped phase conjugate mirror (2) so that stress energy of the Earth feeds energy into the standing scalar EM wave, resulting in very high energy gain and production of a very powerful electrogravitational resonance condition (standing wave) in the Earth itself.

    Chapter 6

  • An analogy comparing the E and B field electromagnetic translation and swirl forces, and the electrogravitational "squeeze" potential G is shown in Figure 4.

    Chapter 6

  • This follows immediately since the electrogravitational standing wave represents a stabilized, standing oscillation in the local curvature of space-time.

    Chapter 6

  • By using scalar vacuum engines, one can directly perform electrogravitational engineering.

    Chapter 6

  • As will be seen, the scalar component of the quaternion can infold and capture the stress energy of a zero-translation-resultant electromagnetic stress system, which constitutes the capture of an electrogravitational potential.

    Chapter 4


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