electrohydrodynamic love



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  • adj. Of or pertaining to electrohydrodynamics


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

electro- +‎ hydrodynamic


  • To overcome this, Rogers and his colleagues use a different approach, called electrohydrodynamic inkjet (or e-jet) printing.

    Nanoscale Inkjet Printing | Impact Lab

  • The chip contains literally hair-thin channels to carry water, which is moved by electrohydrodynamic principles.

    Processor With Built-in Cooling Pump | Blog | Futurismic

  • But by using a new technique they are calling "electrohydrodynamic jetting" they can do much better.

    The Speculist: Medical Fab, Part 3

  • Nasa's hoping the electrohydrodynamic technology will be enough for space, and help ensure heat-sensitive circuitry stays cool.


  • The result is the new electrohydrodynamic EHD-based thermal control technology, unveiled yesterday, that promises to make it easier and more efficient to remove heat from small spaces.

    CNET News.com

  • The team's electrohydrodynamic jet (e-jet) printer works by establishing a voltage difference between its metallic nozzle and a substrate below.

    New Scientist - Online News

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