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  • adv. by means of electrolysis

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  • In an electrolytic manner; by means of electrolysis; as in electrolysis.


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electrolytic +‎ -ally


  • The earliest citation given in the Oxford English Dictionary for any word used as a name for this element is alumium, which Humphry Davy employed in 1808 for the metal he was trying to isolate electrolytically from the mineral alumina.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Testing question SUCKS!

  • At the core of IV-7: silver dihydrogen citrate-based antimicrobials (SDC), a proprietary, patented electrolytically generated source of stabilized ionic silver.

    Sheila Shayon: IV-7: The Next Generation of Germ Defense

  • Nuclear power is relevant to road transport and motor vehicles in three respects: (1) hybrid vehicles potentially use off-peak power from the grid for recharging; (2) Nuclear heat can be used for production of liquid hydrocarbon fuels from coal; and (3) hydrogen for oil refining and for fuel cell vehicles may be made electrolytically, and, in the future, thermochemically using high-temperature nuclear reactors.

    Hydrogen production from nuclear power

  • The iron is usually pure iron powder derived electrolytically from mineral iron sulphate.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • In a few cases, chiefly aluminum, the metal is produced electrolytically, though even then carbon electrodes are used which produce CO2 and only the energy in excess of what carbon can provide comes from the electric current.

    Unthreaded #16 « Climate Audit

  • Some of the underlying chemistry to convert carbon dioxide using hydrogen gas (obtained by electrolytically splitting water) is known.

    Hydrocarbons for the 21st Century - The Work of the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute

  • In addition, natural bacterial leaching processes at Cerro de Pasco are being optimised and copper from the effluent solutions recovered electrolytically.

    Chapter 6

  • Cans are most commonly made from thin sheets of steel that have been electrolytically coated with tin on both sides.

    3 Packaging materials

  • We are also accustomed to deal currently in the laboratory with substances the presence of which is only shown to us by their radioactive properties but which nevertheless we can determine, dissolve, reprecipitate from their solutions and deposit electrolytically.

    Marie Curie - Nobel Lecture

  • The following year he discovered that solutions of potassium fluoride in hydrogen fluoride at certain strengths remained liquid and conducted electrolytically at sub-zero temperatures: a year later he successfully electrolysed these solutions to isolate fluorine for the first time.

    Henri Moissan - Biography


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