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  • adv. in an electromechanical way


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electromechanical +‎ -ly


  • After I gathered my thoughts here in the Paris of the Palmtrees, I likened the whole experience of being in the US to a shiny, flashy pinball machine: where being propelled in crazy directions, being jolted and electromechanically bumped and flipped ... is a good thing, it means you're in it, it means you're goin 'places.

    Yanqui Mike Skowronek: Blogging The DNC For Buenos Aires Expats

  • Power for the remote-activated receiver is generated electromechanically through the movement of body muscle.

    The Reinvention of Privacy

  • The asynchronous machine is the sole rotating electric machine in which the transmission of electric energy to the rotor does not ensue electromechanically but inductively.

    5. Asynchronous motors

  • After graduating, Resnick became a professor in the MIT Media Lab, where he began developing a Logo-like system that would allow children to program robots built from Lego bricks with electromechanically activated moving parts.

    WebWire | Recent Headlines

  • With the move to the larger units, the turbines are either hydraulically or electromechanically controlled but, with areas such as China where 90 percent of the wind plants are electromechanical, there is a general trend toward electromechanical solutions.

    Engineering Hardware-Software

  • Braille displays use electromechanically controlled pins, as opposed to the lights in a conventional computer monitor, to convey information.

    Scientific American

  • Boost is varied electromechanically as a function of speed.


  • With the addition of the corona treaters, the primary and secondary webs on the laminator are electromechanically surfaced at dyne levels close to 44.


  • Such aggregates can be switched electromechanically or electronically, as in groups of telephone calls between switching offices.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • A new electromechanically operated rollover bar allows for optimum visibility to the rear and sides as the MINI avoids rollovers via run-flat tires, tire pressure monitoring and a sophisticated driving stabil-ity system.

    Automotive Headlines


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