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  • adj. Using electromyography


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  • They "predicted that power-motivated participants would exhibit higher levels of electromyographic activity in the brow supercilii when confronted by a negative audience reaction to their speech".

    Improbable research: furrowed eyebrows for the power-hungry

  • When stimulation intensity was increased in parietal areas, participants believed they had really performed these movements, although no electromyographic activity was detected.

    Deric Bownds - A new brain correlate of intention

  • For his experiment, Ravajas took 36 gamers and wired them up with several sensors that minutely recorded their emotional states, including electromyographic activity in key facial muscles and skin conductance levels.

    Commentary: Gamers Get Their Kicks From Dying

  • Moreover, electromyographic data and fiber-optic films revealed abnormally high tension levels in the laryngeal speech muscles and distorted activity of the vocal folds whether stuttering occurred or not.

    Knotted Tongues

  • Designed by Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design graduate Pedro Nakazato Andrade, "Bones" is an orthopedic cast concept that harbors electromyographic sensors that reads muscle activity around your fracture.


  • A diagnosis of LEMS is generally made on the basis of clinical symptoms, electromyographic testing and the presence of autoantibodies against voltage gated calcium channels.

    Medindia Health News

  • In 2001, Sapsford conducted an electromyographic study of the effects of contraction of trunk stabilising muscles on activity of the pelvic floor muscles

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  • The aim of this randomised clinical study is to analyse the therapeutic effects or the contraindications of the use of a commercial hippotherapy simulator on several important factors relating to children with cerebral palsy such as their motor development, balance control in the sitting posture, hip abduction range of motion and electromyographic activity of adductor musculature.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • We know from electromyographic research that healthy back muscles can generate more than 75 percent of their maximum contraction force isometrically - this means without any movement of the spine.

    CITIZEN-TIMES.com - News

  • The objectives of the present study were to evaluate the influence of load and speed on cervical FRP electromyographic (EMG) and kinematic parameters and to assess the measurement of cervical FRP kinematic and EMG parameter repeatability.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles


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