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  • n. a technique for evaluating and recording the activation signal of muscles

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  • n. diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders with the use of an electromyograph


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

electro- +‎ myography


  • It's called electromyography and involves using muscles to send electrical impulses to computers.

    Ari Herzog: How Electromyography May Change Your Life

  • The device, on show at the Cebit electronics fair in Germany, relies on a technique called electromyography which detects the electrical signals from muscles.

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  • Further investigations such as electromyography, spinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or computed tomography, with or without myelography, were carried out if deemed necessary.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • If available, we considered results from spinal imaging and further investigations such as electromyography for the diagnostic decision.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • “No,” he replies, and writes me a prescription for electromyography.


  • When electromyography EMG was developed, he was able to measure muscle tension directly.


  • These tests may include a brain scan, spinal fluid examination, nerve conduction test (electromyography, or EMG), and a tensilon test for myasthenia gravis.


  • Workup had been negative, and when it came time to do electromyography, the kid fought off the needles -- vigorously.


  • To do this, she had experienced aura readers note changes in the auras of volunteers, while she simultaneously monitored the volunteers with electronic methods, including electromyography.

    Meditation as Medicine

  • Daniswicz is part of a clinical trial sponsored by the U.S. Army that is using electromyography - electrical signals produced by muscles - and pattern recognition computer software to control a new generation of robotic limbs.

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