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  • noun Plural form of electronvolt.


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  • The next frontier is the land of the teraelectronvolt (TeV, or a million million electronvolts).

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  • Each time this reaction occurs, 26 million electronvolts (MeV) of energy are released.

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  • SLAC currently produces the highest-energy electrons of any accelerator, at 50 gigaelectronvolts (GeV, or a thousand million electronvolts).

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  • ~ Milky Way Black Hole May Be a Colossal 'Particle Accelerator' -- Scientists were startled when they discovered in 2004 that the center of our galaxy is emitting gamma rays with energies in the tens of trillions of electronvolts.

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  • At today’s accelerators, for example the CERN LEP accelerator, the value has been measured as 1/128 rather than 1/137 at energies corresponding to approximately 100 billion electronvolts.

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 2004 - Information for the Public

  • It gave Perl the chance to hunt for leptons within a hitherto inaccessible energy region, 5,000 million electronvolts.

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 1995

  • That should result in an operating proton beam energy of 14 trillion electronvolts, or teraelectronvolts - double the energy used to date.

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  • "It's a bit like firing needles across the Atlantic and getting them to collide half way." record for particle accelerators on Friday with twin beams each at an energy of 3.5 trillion electronvolts (TeV) and, as the Cowen shuffles his increasingly limited cabinet …

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  • CERN hailed a new era for science when it began smashing atoms at energy levels of seven trillion (tera) electronvolts (TeV) on March 30.

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  • At the moment, it is running at half the energy it was designed for, but the scientists aim to take the machine to the top energy of seven tera-electronvolts (TeV) per beam by 2013.

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