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  • n. a physiologist whose speciality is electrophysiology

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who is versed in electrophysiology.


electro- +‎ physiologist (Wiktionary)


  • For patients with arrhythmias, the electrophysiologist is the hero.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • A single electrophysiologist, a physician specializing in heart-rhythm disorders, can implant dozens a year.

    Medical groups sell companies access to their membership

  • Westby Fisher, an Evanston, Ill., electrophysiologist, called the practice "Tag and release."

    Medical groups sell companies access to their membership

  • Another concern is that energy emitted by the MRI will "fake out the pacemaker and make it believe the heart is beating normally," says Henry R. Halperin, a Hopkins electrophysiologist and senior author of the new report.

    Getting Around the Scan Ban

  • All patients were monitored with electrocardiograms and other tests and followed by a trained nurse backed up by an electrophysiologist in case of an emergency.

    Getting Around the Scan Ban

  • "It's a big issue because very often these are patients that have a condition that is so much better evaluated using MRI," says Saman Nazarian , an electrophysiologist at Hopkins and lead author of the new study, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

    Getting Around the Scan Ban

  • Arthur Moss of Rochester University, the electrophysiologist who ran the trial, notes that the device was "dramatically more effective" in women than in men -- a good thing, since women are harder hit by heart failure.

    The Most Promising New Heart Devices

  • "I really had hoped they were back," said George Crossley, an electrophysiologist with a hospital system in Tennessee who also doesn't have company ties.

    Boston Scientific Halts Sales of Device

  • "My goodness, to suddenly stop selling all these devices based on not dotting the 'i' or crossing the 't, 'I think is an overreaction, if indeed that is the reason," said Douglas Zipes, an electrophysiologist at Indiana University Medical Center, who doesn't have ties to Boston Scientific.

    Boston Scientific Halts Sales of Device

  • "The insulation is the weakest link" for defibrillator leads, said Haris Haqqani , an electrophysiologist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, also in Philadelphia.

    St. Jude Ends Group of Defibrillator Cables


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