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  • noun The branch of physiology that studies the relationship between electric phenomena and bodily processes.
  • noun The electric activity associated with a bodily part or function.

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  • noun physiology the branch of physiology that studies the electrical activity of organisms


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electro- +‎ physiology


  • Increased subspecialisation has resulted in paediatric cardiologists referring patients to other paediatric cardiologists for specific problems, such as electrophysiology studies.

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  • Excellent ophthalmologic ultrasound, sophisticated electrophysiology equipment, visual evoked potential recording and ERG/EOG are available, permitting immediate on-site evaluation of complex problems.


  • "It's very hard to get through there without being accosted," said Paul Varosy, director of cardiac electrophysiology at the Department of Veterans Affairs' Eastern Colorado Health Care System.

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  • If your child shows signs of having an abnormal heart rhythm (an arrhythmia), staff from our Electrophysiology Service will evaluate the heart's electrical system using an electrophysiology study (EPS).

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  • I never did switch to another official supervisor, because I soon realized I did not enjoy doing conventional electrophysiology of the central nervous system.

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  • If there is an abnormal heart beat, conduct an invasive electrophysiology study (EPS) to locate the origin of the arrythmia and determine how best to treat it

    Pediatric cardiac diagnosis and testing

  • We may also use an ECG to help us monitor the effectiveness of a heart medication your child is taking or to check his heart after he has had a heart procedure such as cardiac catheterization, heart surgery or an electrophysiology study.

    Pediatric cardiac diagnosis and testing

  • X-ray of a multi-electrode array for intracranial electrophysiology.

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  • I phoned my brother Dick, who had just become an Assistant Professor at Yale after finishing his D.Phil. from Oxford on cardiac electrophysiology.

    Roger Y. Tsien - Autobiography

  • The technique is most successful among patients whose rapid heartbeat comes and goes, a condition known as paroxysmal A-fib, says Sung Lee, director of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology at Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park.

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