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  • n. The biological ability to perceive electrical impulses, used for electrolocation and electrocommunication and particularly common among aquatic creatures (since salt water is a more efficient conductor than air).


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electro- +‎ reception


  • Finally, regarding diet and breeding, olms apparently mostly detect their prey using chemical clues and the detection of water currents but they also possess electroreceptive organs in the head and thus presumably employ electroreception.

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  • The electroreception would be used in short-range scenarios, when the dolphins' echolocation ability to determine the environment around them using sounds and their echoes becomes less sensitive.

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  • Carl Hopkins, a researcher from Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., who was not involved in the study, warns that several other studies about electroreception in animals have not been confirmed, and he would have liked to see a larger sample size in this study.

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  • "The paper seems relatively convincing, but the sample size is very small and there really is only one study here, the behavioral assay, since the anatomy does not help with the issue of electroreception," Hopkins told LiveScience in an email.

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  • Some land vertebrates, including salamanders like the Mexican axolotl, still have electroreception.

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  • Meeting the shark taught them about electroreception.

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  • This is unashamed speculation for sure (the electroreception idea comes from a conference poster and abstract), but it's at least conceivable that some extinct tetrapods had amazing and unexpectedly weird sensory skills, just as many modern ones do.

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  • Increases a shark's electroreception by increasing the amount of receptors it can carry

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  • From the article: "Platapi are monotremes ... a type of mammal endowed with the sixth sense of electroreception"

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  • Sonar gave me the rough idea – there’s a fascinating book called Sensory Exotica by Howard C. Hughes, published by MIT Press in 1999, with sections on sonar, electroreception, biological compasses and chemical communication.

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