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  • n. Stimulation with electricity, sometimes used in medicine.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

electro- +‎ stimulation


  • "It's the first time that there's compelling scientific evidence that you can, with the electrostimulation of the spinal cord, create a favorable motor response."

    An Electrical Jolt for Paralysis Research

  • Bringing fresh hope to those living with paralysis, a man paralyzed below the waist regained some ability to stand and move through the use of an electrostimulation device and intense physical rehabilitation.

    An Electrical Jolt for Paralysis Research

  • Forget those ads for “electrostimulation” that promise to reduce two inches of fat in an hour.

    You Being Beautiful

  • Other emerging technologies for skin rejuvenation include electrostimulation and focused ultrasound.

    The Truth About Beauty

  • Dolly Parton suffers from pectobaritis and currently undergoes a thrice-weekly regimen of electrostimulation just so she can retain the full use of her shoulders.

    Open Thread: Medical “Facts” « Whatever

  • Out of interest, this historical page on Harrogate Spa explains that Bergonié treatment is electrostimulation of the muscles, Nauheim treatment bathing in carbonated water (in imitation of the natural waters at Bad Nauheim), and cataphoresis a technique claimed to carry therapeutic ions into the body via an electrified pad on the skin.


  • But even if there is no signal, electrostimulation of an appropriate part of the brain can turn off a brain disorder.

    Robert Fischell on medical inventing

  • A signal in the brain that triggers brain dysfunction might be sensed as a trigger for electrostimulation like we're doing with epilepsy.

    Robert Fischell on medical inventing

  • In the 1950s, the Canadian surgeon Wilder Penfield observed that electrostimulation of specific areas of exposed cortex evoked memories of specific experiences.1 This at first seemed to show that memories and specific places in the brain were closely tied in a one-to-one relationship.

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • Also, in addition to needles, the acupuncturist may apply electrostimulation, ultrasound, or laser beams.

    The Best Alternative Medicine


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