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  • n. A small mouse-like saltatorial insectivorous quadruped of Africa; one of the animals of the family Macroscelidæ or Rhynchocyonidæ.


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  • The photos of this mysterious giant elephant-shrew were sent to expert Dr. Galen Rathbun, who has studied the sengi (or elephant-shrew) for over thirty years; after examiining the photos he believed that the animal's unique coloring proved it was an unknown species.

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  • Two of the Zoo's black and rufous giant elephant-shrews, or sengis, had a little baby elephant-shrew several weeks ago, but zookeepers in the Small Mammal House only announced they discovered the animal late Friday.


  • The staff at the National Zoo got a surprise recently when they discovered a new resident in the Mammal House, a baby giant elephant-shrew.

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  • Though the National Zoo had expected and prepared for a second black and rufous giant elephant-shrew birth in as many weeks, staff grew concerned when the giant elephant-shrew appeared outside its nest three days after it was born -- nearly three weeks before it should have.


  • But on Sunday, before zoo staff could intervene, the baby elephant-shrew was killed by its mother.


  • And fortunately for zoogoers, the other giant elephant-shrew born to the same pair in January and introduced earlier this month appears hale and healthy.


  • Scientists may yet learn more about elephant-shrew rearing behaviors and physiology from the incident.


  • Photo of a mature black and rufous elephant-shrew used with permission under a Creative Commons license with Flickr user Smithsonian's National Zoo


  • Scientists have just confirmed that a giant elephant-shrew found living in a remote, high-altitude mountainous

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  • The ecoregion also contains a number of sub-specific endemics, particularly on the Nyika Plateau, where the red-winged francolin (Francolinus levaillanti crawshayi), the greater double-collared sunbird (Nectarina afra whytei), the Baglafecht weaver (Ploceus baglafecht nyikae), the rufous-naped lark (Mirafra africana nyikae), the chequered elephant-shrew (Rynchocyon cirnei hendersoni), 3 amphibian sub-species, two sub-species of skink, and four sub-species of butterfly are found.

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