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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of elevate.


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  • The title elevates her to the most highest ranking woman in the court besides the Empress.

    Unusual Historicals

  • As people who take SSRI drugs like Prozac know, serotonin elevates mood and can also act as an appetite suppresant.

    Boing Boing: March 14, 2004 - March 20, 2004 Archives

  • The titles against their names take some time to appear, and although it isn't really that important to know who they are and which Apollo mission they were on, it does lend a lot of weight to what they say, and even that little title elevates them in the audience's eyes from one of those seven billion to one of the nine.

    Filmstalker Review: In the Shadow of the Moon

  • Translated into English, that means that if there's an electrical signal in the heart, and one part of the ECG -- which we call the ST segment -- elevates, that is a sure sign of a heart attack.

    Robert Fischell on medical inventing

  • Diagnosing people with pejorative labels elevates the therapist to a superior position while diminishing those who seek help.

    The Full Feed from

  • The use of these terms elevates the status of terrorists who ascribe to Islam to a level that harms countless peaceful Muslims.

    NY Post: News

  • But the warm glow of a Superbowl ring and a pedigree last name elevates him close to the perception of elite, I guess.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • Giving kids a 2nd last name elevates them into society like the rich and famous!

    Lowell Sun Forum

  • But in addition to taking out after John McCain, as you know, it kind of elevates the race for her.

    CNN Transcript Apr 2, 2008

  • I spend a lot of my time now going between different shows and what you find when you get to a show that has been on the air for a long time, like an "ER" where everybody has that job secured and everybody is really good at their job and comfortable and secure it makes the creative process, it kind of elevates it in a way.

    CNN Transcript Feb 12, 2006


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