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  • n. Plural form of elevon.


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  • And recall the elevons are at the back part of the wing, the trailing edge of the wing, and the impact, if you were trying to relate tile damage to the elevon, the impact was on the front edge of the wing.

    CNN Transcript Feb 1, 2003

  • They will test the hydraulic power units and elevons and test fire all the steering jets during their last planned full day in space.

    Endeavour Crew Preps for Sunday Landing as Showers Threaten Delay | Universe Today

  • Commander Mark Kelly got into the controls there and started moving thins around, just testing the aero surfaces, the elevons, the rudders, just to make sure they all are going to work fine because they're due for landing.

    CNN Transcript Jun 13, 2008

  • The computers ordered a test of the flight control system andDiscovery shuddered as her SSME nozzles and elevons were moved through their limits.

    Riding Rockets

  • He said, All four of them are located in the aft part of the left wing, right in front of the elevons ... elevon actuators.

    Columbia's Last Flight

  • There's enough air to actually use the flaps and the elevons (ph) on the rear end of the shuttle to control.

    CNN Transcript Aug 9, 2005

  • Interestingly, though, the temperature inside the cargo bay, the payload bay, normal, 8: 58 a.m. over New Mexico the elevons or ailerons, those are the control surfaces, the flaps at the tail end of the space shuttle were compensating for a problem which was tilting the shuttle to the left.

    CNN Transcript Feb 2, 2003

  • What's a little bit unusual about this one is that, even though it was within the capability of the flight control system to respond to this increased drag, the degree of which the elevons were trying to correct is outside our family of experience.

    CNN Transcript Feb 2, 2003

  • At 7: 58 a.m., over New Mexico, the roll trim and the elevons started to increase, indicating that we had an increase in drag on the left side of the vehicle.

    CNN Transcript Feb 2, 2003

  • It could be that that elevon movement was due to commands that were being sent to the elevons from the onboard general purpose computers.

    CNN Transcript Feb 1, 2003


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