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  • adj. Tending to eliminate.
  • adj. Of or relating to the system through which elimination of digestive waste occurs; excretory.

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  • Eliminative.


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  •  If you feel that either your mask or your seat's restraints are improperly adjusted, or if you feel that your eliminatory catheter has not been inserted correctly, please request the assistance of one of the crew after this presentation concludes.

    Non-Stop Service

  • The eliminatory round of the championship opens immediately following the inaugural ceremonies, set for September 29, 11 a.m.


  • Look, as if getting kicked off a talk show, flashing my nether-bits to the Comcast guy, broadcasting my eliminatory functions, and having my son urinate on the base commander's lawn weren't proof enough that I am often somewhat less than socially acceptable in polite circles, I'm about to write about something that I'll bet will make the ever-gracious Andi cringe.

    More Proof You Just Can't Take airforcewife Anywhere - SpouseBUZZ

  • In that final week before setting me free, “they” must have suddenly realized the error of their hasty eliminatory is that a word? it is now ways.

    For a Limited Thai Only! - Thai Dishes, Culver City

  • The author is attempting to draw a shaky parallel between the manner in which the oyster, when beset by impurities or disease, coats the offending matter with its secretions, thereby producing a pearl, a parallel between the eliminatory ingenuity of the oyster and the manner in which Sissy Hankshaw, adorned with thumbs that many might consider morbid, coated the offending digits with glory, thereby perpetuating a vision that the author finds smooth and lustrous.

    Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

  • Organic chemistry proves to us that the excretæ from the body of a healthy subject by the eliminatory organs must at least amount to twelve or fourteen ounces; and organic chemistry will not, we fear, bend to the most inspired receipts of the most miraculous cookery book, to supply the number of ounces without which the organic chemistry of the human body will no more go on than will the steam-engine without fuel.

    The History of the Great Irish Famine of 1847 (3rd ed.) (1902) With Notices of Earlier Irish Famines

  • The organs of detoxification remove things from the body's system, but these two vital organs should not be confused with what hygienists call the secondary organs of elimination, such as the large intestine, lungs, bladder and the skin, because none of these other eliminatory organs are supposed to purify the body of toxins.

    How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

  • However the exact form the chain from irritation or malnutrition to enervation progresses, the ultimate result is an increased level of toxemia, placing an eliminatory burden on the liver and kidneys in excess of their ability.

    How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

  • Two eliminatory processes go on simultaneously while fasting.

    How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

  • He had been on a typical American diet with meat, coffee, etc., so that in spite of his dangerous condition it did not seem wise to me to add the heavy eliminatory burden of a water fast to a body that was already overwhelmed with fluids and waste products.

    How and When to Be Your Own Doctor


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