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  • n. Plural form of elision.


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  • In order to elucidate the embarrassing matter still more fully, we shall take two more examples of a very misleading character, which the superficial observer would probably define as elisions, but which are almost certainly regular cases of disguised cadence merely:

    Lessons in Music Form A Manual of Analysis of All the Structural Factors and Designs Employed in Musical Composition

  • It was then that I also got to know a bit more about all of the other features of pronunciation, and I agree with Alex when he said that sentence stress, weak forms, liaisons, elisions, and other features are paramount for learners to develop their listening skills.

    P is for Pronunciation « An A-Z of ELT

  • Pause, C tries to repeat what he thinks he has heard, he has agreed – after long, long discussion and negotiation – to work without a text – and practices saying parts of sentences, whole sentences, try to mimic Lionel and me with regard to pronunciation, stress, intonation, speed – with particular attention to short forms, elisions etc.

    P is for Pronunciation « An A-Z of ELT

  • The studies' elisions reveal an intimate, personal side of the artist's studio process.

    Crushed and Brushed

  • Of course it will have conflations and elisions and downright errors and omissions because it has to leave so much out.

    Perils of pop philosophy

  • Critics claim that horror of one brand or another touches "primal" fears, either evoking Freud's zombie-like unkillable Poe-swipe "the Id" or his rebellious student's slovenly creation, the hero-with-a-thousand elisions: the archetype.

    Supernatural Superserious

  • Overall, though, the screenwriter keeps things moving with deft elisions - like when Miriam says, 'We won't do that number,' putting the kibosh on Barney's windy self-justifications.

    Erica Abeel: Toronto Film Festival: The Essential and the Trivial

  • There were no sort of neo-Victorian kinds of digressions, or even the kind of teasing elisions that happened in, say, Marquez's magical realism.

    And then she was gone

  • I could not find the answers in his oblique autobiography, filled as it is with gaps and elisions, or in the strangely-distanced comments of people who know him.

    Johann Hari: Terrorist or Peace-Maker? An Exclusive Interview with Gerry Adams, Former Head of the I.R.A.

  • The fleshy and contorted figures; the electric palette; the Silly Putty – like elisions of space; and an endearing weakness for the easy mark — Joe the Plumber no less than Bernie Madoff — the recent work demonstrates that Mr. Saul is as reliable a stylist as he is a misanthrope.

    Gross Anatomy


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