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  • n. Plural form of ellipse.
  • n. Plural form of ellipsis.


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  • I have issues with Terry and his tactics, but Paresky's misuse of ellipses is pathetic.

    Pope John Paul II

  • Newton figured out that planets move in ellipses without much help from angels, Darwin explained how evolution could proceed without God's tinkering, astronomers learned how stars and planets form out of hydrogen clouds.

    About: The Progressive Diminishment of Man

  • Newton figured out that planets move in ellipses without much help from angels,

    About: The Progressive Diminishment of Man

  • Some pages are scattered with many ellipses, which is annoying with reading; furthermore, the reader does not always know when and why redactions have been made.


  • Fig. 6 (a) indicates that the motion trajectories of selected nodes are ellipses, which is coincident with the actuating mechanism of traveling wave USM.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • At least when quote mining it would be helpful to indicate that parts are omitted by using the common indicators such as ellipses or the use of square brackets.

    Dembski quote mining Dawkins - The Panda's Thumb

  • A production-quality implementation would want to add some additional refinement to offset this, and possible strategies to mitigate the effects include maintaining the design-time aspect ratio during sizing, placing the entire view in a ViewBox (which causes contained controls and their displayed text to grow and shrink), and relying on more regular shapes such as ellipses and rounded rectangles.

    The Code Project Latest Articles

  • As for cost, I generally agree with the notion that NASA should step away from big, expensive Mars missions and instead look to do many small landers with focused science - BUT even these need tiny little landing ellipses (the size of dime would do) so that we can access some of the dozens of really interesting places that MGS, Odyssey, Mars Express, and MRO have found.

    Another Mars Mission Slips To The Right - NASA Watch

  • It was also going to be capable of landing and operating at a wider range of latitudes (60 N to 60 S), elevations (up to 2.5 km above the datum), and land in smaller landing ellipses (20 by 20 km instead of MER's 200 by 20 or so km).

    Another Mars Mission Slips To The Right - NASA Watch

  • Mr. Truffaut matches this with his vigorous, shorthand style, "squeezing" time with numerous ellipses.

    For the Love of a Fickle Woman


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