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  • n. Plural form of ellobiid.


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  • The associated fauna include the snails Assiminea succinea, 2 species of Truncatella, small ellobiids and also small isopods, amphipods and a few other tiny arthropods.

    An intertidal pseudoscorpion

  • —Pilsbry did not include the ellobiids, except the truly terrestrial Carychium*, in his Land Mollusca of North America 1948.

    Snails of the sea shore: neither aquatic nor terrestrial

  • I encounter the same thing in our local literature, with onchidiids, amphibolids, ellobiids, truncatellids, hydrococcids, pomatiopsids and some hydrobiids having appeared as both "marine" and "non-marine" in lists published in the last 30 years.

    Snails of the sea shore: neither aquatic nor terrestrial

  • At least some ellobiids hatch with opercula that get resorbed as they develop.

    Assiminea succinea

  • I am after the species that live at the borderline between the sea and the land, including Cerithidea scalariformis, Batillaria minima, Truncatella, the ellobiids and the littorinids.

    Off to Florida

  • The lymnaeids are distant relatives of the fully terrestrial pulmonate snails and slugs and closer relatives of the also pulmonate semi-terrestrial ellobiids family Ellobiidae of seashore habitats.

    Arrr! I need me an eye patch

  • The lymnaeids, like the ellobiids, appear to have descended from semi-terrestrial snails with lungs and then evolved a lifestyle probably even more aquatic than those of their ancestors.

    Arrr! I need me an eye patch

  • The larvae also have opercula, which they lose at an early age; adult ellobiids don't have opercula.

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • The ellobiids' close association with the sea indicates that the ancestors of pulmonates were marine snails.

    Archive 2006-11-01


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