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  • v. To injure (anything) by rough handling; handle roughly.
  • v. To begrime; soil with mud; daub; smear.
  • v. To work persistently or laboriously; be occupied in working (e.g. in the earth, rake among dirt, etc.).
  • v. To meddle; interfere.
  • v. To knead dough; stir dough previously kneaded to a proper consistency before baking.
  • v. To become soft; become moist, as damp earth.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English elten, from Old Norse elta ("to chase, hunt, knead"), from Proto-Germanic *alatjanan (“to drive, force, move”), from Proto-Indo-European *ela-, *el(ʷ)-, *lā- (“to drive, move, go”). Cognate with Danish ælte ("to knead"), Swedish älta ("to dwell upon, brood, stir, knead"), Norwegian elte ("to knead"), Norwegian elta ("to pursue, plod"), Icelandic elta ("to chase").


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