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  • adv. In an elusive manner

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • With or by elusion.


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  • On the latter point, let's hope so, because Perry's elusively ambivalent love interest is Andrea Anders, the charming deserves-a-hit co-star of the much-missed Better Off Ted and The Class and, ironically enough, Joey opposite Perry's former cohort Matt LeBlanc.

    Roush Review: Dim Sunshine, Glorious Justified, FNL Farewell

  • The way everybody in the NFL uses the term "athleticism," Ricky has more than Peyton -- the cornerback can run faster, jump higher, run more elusively, stop faster, etc. than the quarterback.

    Thoughts on Education, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • She's elusively "busy" and doesn't return your texts or phone calls for days, if ever.

    Nicole Forrester: Four Ways to Repel Women

  • He also found that they possess an elusively intense flavor, and recommends rubbing them on meat or tossing them with steamed greens.

    Bits & Bites: News You Can Eat

  • Yet did it quiver under the finger-tip caress in rhythmic vibrations that became whisperings and rustlings and mutterings of sound - but of sound so different; so elusively thin that it was shimmeringly sibilant; so mellow that it was maddening sweet, piping like an elfin horn, which last was just what Bassett decided would be like a peal from some bell of the gods reaching earthward from across space.


  • Really, the English language has become almost elusively kinetic, and it's enough to make you want to just forget the whole thing and take up Cantonese.

    New Customs: Changing Language, Changing Bikes

  • "Really, the English language has become almost elusively kinetic, and it's enough to make you want to just forget the whole thing and take up Cantonese."

    New Customs: Changing Language, Changing Bikes

  • “Paired Things” displays Ryans characteristic style: dense figurative language, varied diction, internal rhyme, the interrogative mode, and playful vers libre, which elusively alternates between iambic and unmetered lines.

    mjh's blog — 2008 — July

  • In 1865, a Scottish surgeon named Joseph Lister made an unusual conjecture on how to neutralize that “subtle principle” lurking elusively in the wound.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • He could remember playing on its riotous floral pattern, first with cars and trucks, and then later with toy soldiers, listening to his father play sorrowful tunes on the violin, phrases and tempos constantly shifting elusively, ringing out across the dark room until suddenly and unexpectedly coming to an end.

    Unearthly Asylum


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