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  • noun In entomology, the modified fore wing of beetles or Coleoptera, forming with its fellow of the opposite side a hard, horny, or leathery case or sheath, more or less completely covering and protecting the posterior membranous wings when these are folded at rest, and usually forming an extensive portion of the upper surface of a beetle; a shard.
  • noun In some chætopodous annelids, as the Aphroditidæ, or polychætous annelids, as the Polynoë, one of the squamous lamellæ overlying one another on the dorsal surface of the worm, made by a modification of the dorsal cirri of the parapodia, of which they are thus specialized appendages.
  • noun See the adjectives.


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  • The elytrum, which is heavier and much less extensive, repeats this structure.

    Social Life in the Insect World

  • Body black, with large, dense, not very profound punctures; elytra with the punctures towards the suture longitudinally confluent; a sub - lunate or triangular, dull rufous spot rather behind the middle of each elytrum; tergum with the punctures not smaller at the posterior mar - gins of the segments; feet dirty yellowish; thighs blackish above —

    Transactions of the American Philosophical Society


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