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  • n. Alternative spelling of em dash.


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  • She is ever so glad the en/em-dash saga was safely entrusted to Paul last week having already head her eyeballs sucked from her brain line editing the week before.

    The Summer Reading Guide « Write Anything

  • So for breaks in thought: instead of --, use — (em-dash).

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • The em-dash provides a signal that a line of dialog that is part of the manuscript begins, and helps differentiate between which character has begun speaking, but no similar indicator is made for pauses, interruptions, or for when the character stops speaking.

    11 « May « 2010 « Fantasy Author's Handbook

  • Dialog within that manuscript begins with an em-dash, but still suffers from similar ambiguity.

    11 « May « 2010 « Fantasy Author's Handbook

  • And more so than other aspects of writing, punctuation has the visual aesthetic to address; what other reason is there to choose between the hyphen, the en-dash, and the em-dash?

    2008 September « Motivated Grammar

  • That's not only a long sentence, with a confluence of colon, semicolon and em-dash that even the Horn Book wouldn't let you get away with, it -- I'm guessing -- entails some aspects of English history about which I know nothing and care less.

    Hard books

  • It will take out the space-double-dash-space and replace it with an em-dash, so I don't bother with those.

    Archive 2010-06-01

  • Your copy editor would mark the em-dashes and all on the ms -- those were done with a space, two dashes, and another space -- thus -- and not an actual em-dash as done in the printed version.

    Dinosaur Twitches

  • These days, writers who want to express themselves through punctuation prefer the em-dash.

    Commas 'n' sh*t

  • The em-dash is definitely * in* right now, but I'm still trying to control it in my own work; it's too easy to use.

    Commas 'n' sh*t


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