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  • verb Present participle of emasculate.


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  • Lillian Reardon: Lucy Liu — beautiful, but emasculating is how I picture Lillian Reardon, and Lucy’s great at that.

    An Ideal Atlas Shrugged Film | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • President Obama and the Congress must reassess and refocus on our original and most important objective -- namely emasculating a terrorist network that has proved its ability to inflict harm on the United States.

    Sen. Robert Byrd: Has the Military Mission in Afghanistan Become Lost?

  • Thus, when tennis officials toyed with the idea of emasculating doubles to the point where the game would be nothing more than tournament filler, the Bryans led the charge to save doubles.

    Peter Bodo's TennisWorld

  • Also, this book warns that it's "emasculating" when a man lets a woman pay her own way on a date, and recommends that you take your children to the coming-of-age musical "Avenue Q," and ask them what they think is going on during the puppet sex scenes.

    Three books offer advice

  • It's not clear from the review whether it was the practical, incurious, and stick-in-the-mud human female who invented the "emasculating" technology of farming, which would suggest that that important development in human civilization apparently doesn't count as a significant achievement.

    Reaching for the Stars

  • Also, this is what they say and to every one of our nominees, these "emasculating" words.

    GOP Strategist: Barack Obama Seems "Softer" Than Michelle

  • If this were true, AlphaLiberal would use "emasculating" and "brain-robbing" more often.

    Who will restore George Bush's tattered reputation? Barack Obama!

  • My old college thesaurus, after mentioning such cringe-worthy words as "emasculating" and "castrating," put this word up as the antonym, or complete opposite, of "impotence" --

    Deanie Mills: John McCain's Sarah Bobbitt

  • UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It ` s kind of emasculating having your kid brother pick your head shots.

    CNN Transcript Jul 13, 2005

  • In making the transition, everyone involved thought having Jolie rescue her hubby would prove "emasculating," so they nixed the sequence.

    The Red and Black


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