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  • n. improvement, betterment


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From embetter +β€Ž -ment.


  • Thanks to some blog-hopping I found the transcript of the very funny Daily Show exchange between Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert following President Bush's remarks about "embetterment" of the Palestinians.

    Pen-Elayne on the Web

  • Like my Pa, Josh willed all of his mortal remains to the embetterment of science.

    Ordinary People

  • β€œThe federal government and the state government must not fear programs who change lives, but must welcome those faith-based programs for the embetterment of mankind.”

    The Deluxe Election-Edition Bushisms

  • I believe it's an opportunity for educators and parents to express their frustration to the embetterment of the public school system.

    CNN Transcript - Special Event: Gov. Bush: 'I'm a Uniter, Not a Divider' - February 29, 2000

  • I would have thought, that not working together for the embetterment of our country, would be more embarrasing. Top headlines

  • This includes but is not limited to: writing good code (or improving / refactoring existing code), and managing their personal interactions with teammates toward rational consensus and general embetterment (a perfectly cromulent word).

    Slashdot: Book Reviews

  • We've HAD real problems for the last 8 years -- it would just be a total of 12 years worth of nightmare embetterment and paying a buck-er-uh-a-buck-a-buck-four bucks a gallon. Stories / Popular


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