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  • verb Present participle of embolden.


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  • As for 'emboldening' America's enemies, I don't believe they read blog's like this.

    Quote Of The Day

  • That capitulation on the Iraq funding bill is really working wonders for Dems, what with sinking in the polls and "emboldening" Bush to use the veto all the time.

    Election Central Morning Roundup

  • In addition to "emboldening" statements, the authors also find a correlation between the release of major U.S. opinion polls about Iraq and violence there.

    The 'Emboldenment Effect'

  • There is no way to count "emboldening" statements directly; the definition invariably would be subjective and the count incomplete.

    The 'Emboldenment Effect'

  • We construct an automated mentions count of potentially "emboldening" statements reported in major U.S. news outlets, which we define as the number of times top Bush administration officials -- the President, Vice-President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Press Secretary, and the U.S. commander [in] Iraq -- refer to statements or actions by other U.S. political figures that might encourage violent extremist groups in Iraq.

    The 'Emboldenment Effect'

  • There's been a lot of talk these days blaming Jews who criticize Israel for a rise in anti-Jewish expression worldwide, blaming liberals for 9/11, blaming critics of the Iraq fiasco for "emboldening" the enemy, and blaming the hippies and Jane Fonda for the fiasco that was the Vietnam War.

    Jeff Dorchen: Shibbolethism

  • One possible objection is the way the study counts "emboldening" statements (see pp. 9-10):

    The 'Emboldenment Effect'

  • Matthew Yglesias makes an interesting observation about this new charge of "emboldening" the enemy by criticising the war in Iraq.


  • Joie Chen on CNN just interviewed Brigadier General David Grange who basically said that John Kerry is causing the insurgency in Iraq because he is criticizing the president and "emboldening" the bad guys.


  • The group has garnered the lion's share of new jobs, emboldening people who had been sharing units or living with parents to get their own apartments, Green Street said.

    Housing Woes Fuel Apartment Surge


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