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  • To cut off from the circulation by embolism.


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  • Bacteria entering the bloodstream from the teeth and gums also is particularly dangerous to individuals with abnormal heart valves, as the bacteria may land there, multiply and further damage the valves, while concurrently breaking off portions of the bacterial colony that embolize to other organs causing damage and infections.

    Glenn D. Braunstein, M.D.: Why Oral Health Leads to Overall Health

  • As UpToDate has it: In particular, patients with AF of more than 48 hours duration or of unknown duration .. may have atrial thrombi that can embolize.

    Sometimes I Hate Being Good

  • The latter seems the most likely, and Foreman says they'll have to do target scans with contrast and embolize each one.

    TV Fodder

  • Many substances, such as air, amniotic fluid during active delivery, fat, talc from illicit drug use, tumor cells, parasite eggs, and vegetations from heart valves, can embolize to the lungs causing sudden death.


  • Distal DVTs rarely embolize but, if untreated, half of patients who present with a proximal DVT will develop a PE, and 2%-3% of them will die as a result.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles

  • Anatomically and surgically, to block the blood supply to the fundus we have to embolize the afferent (gastric artery) and not the efferent (venous drainage).

    American Chronicle

  • I think that there is no need to embolize the gastric artery, although it is a minor surgical procedure, because if we take daily 3 Luqaimat nuts (5 pieces each) at quarter hourly intervals, we can approach a very high level of gastric satiety within few weeks.

    American Chronicle


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