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  • v. Third person singular simple present of to embroil.


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  • "I think it's a mistake and a misuse of the office of attorney general." said Suthers 'decision "embroils" Colorado in a lawsuit challenging decades of case law concerning states' rights and the extent of federal power that was long ago settled.

    Boulder Daily Camera Most Viewed

  • Bereft of his home, Eragon and Saphira embark on a quest for vengeanceone that soon embroils them in an epic battle between good and evil.

    Two Essays by Christopher Paolini

  • He embroils the animals in further adventures into horror in the subsequent stories, until he just goes ahead and establishes in the miniseries that there's been something systematic rather than coincidental about the threats they've faced, and confers on them a special status as watchers/guardians/hunters against supernatural evil.

    BEASTS OF BURDEN by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson (Dark Horse)

  • As financial reform embroils Washington for yet another day and Americans digest the details of yesterday's ten-hour Goldman Sachs grilling, one Wall Street fat cat is still finding a way satisfy his voracious appetite.

    "Banker Man" feasts on consumers

  • The average U.S. citizen completely ignores the regularity with which the automobile kills him, maims him, embroils him with the law and provides mobile shelter for rakes intent on seducing his daughters.

    The Last Traffic Jam | clusterflock

  • Her son has been kidnapped, so suddenly Mac has a case to work—one that embroils him with a mad sorcerer, an even madder city council, and a winged love god.

    New Book Releases for Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and YA Paranormal – December 1, 2009

  • Miss Lewis's story of meeting the four soldiers in the bar is classic noir: a random encounter with strangers embroils innocents in a complicated web of deceit and danger.

    Caught in the Crossfire: Adrian Scott and the Politics of Americanism in 1940s Hollywood

  • But one of HOPE's standout successes, reducing drug use, embroils it in a debate: whether jail, however brief, is appropriate for addicts who relapse into drug use.

    Scared Probation

  • But mediation also embroils the agency in the region's political wrangling, a condition that might not be conducive to the CIA's primary goal of intelligence-gathering.

    Mideast Mediator?

  • However, even this mere passing embroils me in situations that it is impossible to talk about without sounding like an arse ...

    Archive 2007-10-01


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