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  • n. Plural form of embryo.


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  • Clue: one of the embryos is of an aquatic organism.

    A New Book

  • Is it mass murder when they get 8 or 10 embryos from a fertility clinic knowing they'll probably miscarry all but one of them?

    14 Important Science Questions

  • It also says that efforts by infertile couples to adopt and implant frozen embryos is just as wrong as destroying embryos for stem cell research.

    Catholic Church updates code on birth technology

  • Much to their surprise, the scientists found that some genes switched on in embryos were nearly identical to the genes that determined the head-to-tail axis of bilaterians, including humans.

    2008 June - Telic Thoughts

  • She also states, "Each of those frozen embryos is a person; each deserves to be taken home by their own parents and each deserves to have a home, that is, if they survive the thawing process."

    The difficult issue of embryonic adoption

  • IVF with the creation of several embryos is evil and adopting them just promotes the practice.

    The difficult issue of embryonic adoption

  • This episode was called "Inconceivable" and focused on the theft of frozen embryos from a fertility clinic.

    Law & Order: SVU tackles Ashley X case/genetic testing

  • The idea of obtaining pluripotent stem cells from sources other than cloned embryos is no pipe dream.

    The Anti-Science Party

  • How does natural selection go to work on embryos, in other words, to rejig them so they become ever more proficient at building successful bodies, with wings, or fins, leaves or armour plating, stings or tentacles or whatever it takes to survive?


  • I on the other hand, believe with all my heart that destoying human embryos is murder and we should eradicate any legal process in our country that facilitates their destruction.

    Think Progress » Bush Bars Media From Stem Cell Veto


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