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  • n. The belief in emergence, particularly as it involves consciousness and the philosophy of mind, and as it contrasts (or not) with reductionism.


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emergent +‎ -ism


  • I don't believe an ID advocates say that a form of emergentism or computationalism is "logically impossible" but that these scenarios are not supported by available evidence.

    ID & Ego

  • Melnyk's suggestion is a natural one in the face of the emergentism problem.


  • For the emergentist problem is a problem only to the extent that emergentism is a coherent possibility.


  • For emergentism seems to be consistent both with dualism and with supervenience physicalism, since according to emergentism, any world physically identical to the actual world will be identical to it in all respects.


  • On this interpretation, emergentism seems very similar to a posteriori physicalism (Byrne 1993).


  • Nor are mental kinds and neurophysiological kinds either identical or subkinds of one another; consequently emergentism is in conflict with the (contested) taxonomic hierarchy criterion

    Natural Kinds

  • Science is at the very least methodological naturalism, reductionism (fundamental theories) and emergentism (complementing models, effective theories) by method, and many scientists are realists.

    Vatican Policy: Not Evolving - The Panda's Thumb

  • But I do subscribe to science, which seems to incorporate both reductionism (fundamental theories) and emergentism (effective theories).

    AIDS denial and creationism--common thread of bad statistics - The Panda's Thumb

  • “Armchair arguments against emergentism,” Erkenntnis 46: 305-314.

    Emergent Properties

  • Much of the defense of emergentism in this era was centered on chemistry and biology.

    Emergent Properties


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