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  • n. Plural form of emergentist.


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  • The emergentists use the term ‘construction’ to cover everything ranging from chunks through verb patterns to larger syntactic units.

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  • On a different interpretation, what the emergentists meant by ˜genuine novelty™ was the idea that there was only a contingent connection between psychological states and physical state, a connection perhaps mediated by contingent psycho-physical laws.


  • Other property dualists, including some emergentists, are willing to extend the thesis to all mental properties.

    Mental Causation

  • Earlier emergentists did not give very clear accounts of the relationship between the necessary physical conditions and the emergents, apart from the general, lawful character of emergence.

    Emergent Properties

  • This is in keeping with the British emergentists 'view of emergence as midway between

    Emergent Properties

  • Ontological emergentists see the physical world as entirely constituted by physical structures, simple or composite.

    Emergent Properties

  • We have seen that this argument has been bruited since at least the time of the Presocratics and it has often led emergentists to reconsider their position when the problem of consciousness is directly considered (it is this worry that probably explains why Morgan, a radical emergentist, retreated into a Spinozistic parallelism of mind and matter; see Morgan 1923, p. 32).

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