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  • n. Plural form of emergent.


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  • Many younger evangelical Christians today -- especially those known as "emergents" -- are troubled by the reduction of their movement's moral vision to nothing but the issues of abortion and gay marriage.


  • The highest level or zone is that of the "emergents," that of those trees which have thrust themselves up above the dense canopies below them.

    Explorers Of Gor

  • Instead of the Christian using the Bible as what molds his or her life, the "emergents" stress that the Christian's life should mold what the Bible "says." News

  • When we encounter the "emergents" who teach that living the way Jesus did is far more important than believing the Gospel and that wonderful doctrines such as Justification by faith alone, and Penal Substitution are parts of Christianity that are from the past and no longer relevant, then what do we do? News

  • In justifying support for Obama, the "emergents" and others on the Evangelical Left minimize abortion and same-sex marriage as politically motivating issues for evangelicals.


  • It may be fair to say that progressive Christians are more unanimously pro-LGBTQI while emergents are of mixed minds on those matters.

    Rev. Roger Wolsey: Christianity For People Who Don't Like Christianity

  • The almendro (Dipteryx panamensis) and the monkey pot tree (Lecythis ampla) are two outstanding and rapidly disappearing canopy emergents, which are regional endemics of the lowlands, below 250 m.

    Isthmian-Pacific moist forests

  • And crawl to the crown of one of the Pillars or emergents that were the world's buttresses.


  • Cauliflorous air-trees growing on the broad branches of the Pillars and emergents bristled with fragrant blossoms of every conceivable shape and color, some exuding fragrances so pungent they had to be avoided lest olfactory senses be smothered forever.


  • Primary forest also occurs on Pulau Peucang and is typified by an open canopy with numerous emergents up to 40 m in height.

    Ujung Kulon National Park and Krakatau Nature Reserve, Indonesia


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