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  • n. One who has departed their native land, often as a refugee.
  • n. An emigrant, one who departs their native land to become an immigrant in another.


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From French émigré.


  • Trying to change the political culture of Mexico as a single emigre is a total waste of energy that will drive you mad.

    Importing/Driving a Car into Mexico

  • Hu is just the kind of emigre Beijing has been eager to lure back to bolster an economy growing rapidly but short of talented managers and innovators.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • He was tall, elegant, handsome and "very Czech, by which I mean passionate and pessimistic" – the very embodiment of a romantic emigre, one who came to London after Soviet tanks had crushed the Prague spring in 1968, with £50 in his pocket.

    The Saturday interview: architect Amanda Levete

  • So when Georgie spots Mrs Shapiro, an eccentric old Jewish emigre neighbour with an eye for a bargain and a fondness for matchmaking, rummaging through her skip in the middle of the night, it's just the distraction she needs ...

    Marina Lewycka - live webchat - 8th July, 2009

  • For this apostasy, these Western elites ostracized and criticized Birman, saying that his views were by definition biased because he was an emigre.

    Right From the Start

  • European emigre classical pianists, from Sergei Rachmaninov to Vladimir Horowitz and Arthur Rubinstein, were among the fans of a virtuoso who could throw off improvised pieces as complex and orchestral in scope as the most advanced classical piano compositions.

    Art Tatum stuns his contemporaries in New York

  • For this company (Russian) to dance this ballet (by the most important Russian emigre in this art form) is a reflection of respect and tradition—concepts that run deeper than Hollywood can hope to capture.

    Where the World Comes to Dance

  • While declining an interview on the topic, Ginsburg pointed in a note to The Associated Press to another marker she has laid down, that she is awaiting the end of a traveling art exhibition that includes a painting that usually hangs in her office by the German emigre Josef Albers.

    Justice Ginsburg not leaving court 'anytime soon'

  • When she attended Bard College, 90 miles north of New York, Lyons studied with Stefan Hirsch, a German emigre who had once created a controversial WPA mural depicting an allegorical figure of "Justice" as being mixed-race.

    John Seed: Mari Lyons: Every Object Rightly Seen

  • Arab emigre communities in the U.S. waved flags, brandished signs and chanted for the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

    '30 Years of Pain': U.S. Arabs React


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