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  • The discouragement eminates from the apparent mind-boggling closeless that current polling numbers seem to foretell.

    Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » John +12 Speaks

  • This kind of language eminates largely from those who claim to defend American democracy against those who would destroy it, who are evil, and who want to "take away our freedoms".

    Gary Hart: Words Have Consequences

  • I'm sorry, but the kookiness that eminates from our state at some point has got to have us taking some of our own responsibility on this.

    Will the next John Lewis please stand up? (Blog for Democracy)

  • You are so fricking sure that all the evil in the world eminates from George Bush and the GOP, it is time for you to step up, guanrantee your promises, and then be prepared to put yourselves in the eternal dirt nap if you cant make it happen.

    Obama touts tax credits

  • This comes as no surprise and they want to control her content, this is why she is not given a show of her own, for she is too mentally-challenged to provide anything of substance along with all the other dribble that eminates from this alleged news broadcasting corporation.

    Surprise!! Sarah Palin Signs With Fox

  • She has a really negative energy which eminates through the screen.

    Obama: 'I've been taking some hits'

  • I can only think that it eminates from a kind of cowardice that won't allow them to dig down to find nuance in matters which appear on the surface to be abhorent.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • As with every movie that eminates from another medium its always going to have some problems…just like the death of Cyclops in the third X-men…Other than that I did enjoy your article…

    That Disquieting Aftertaste | Obsessed With Film

  • Oh and as for Sims .... the hot, steamy BS that eminates non-stop from his pie-hole is responsible for a good inch of that sea level rise.

    Sound Politics: Note to self

  • Simple, because home grown nazis are easy targets, dispicable as they are, but the much greater danger, which impacts on the politics of the ME every day, is the very same poisonous rascism which eminates from Islamic capitals every day.



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