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  • noun Plural form of emoter.


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  • Winslet and her fellow over-emoters are also to be banned from talking about their feelings or referring to their work as "remarkable" or "extraordinary".

    UK showbusiness shut down in awards shame

  • They liked to hire Shakespearean emoters for the starship captains for a while -- Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, and they all brought their disdain for the roles with them ...

    Last of the Cartwright Boys

  • Those who are beautiful but not particularly gifted emoters?

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Those who are beautiful but not particularly gifted emoters?

    The Beef Brigade

  • However, right now we have to wonder whether it is ethically appropriate for the theory of decisional capacity to treat health care subjects as if they were only cognizers, when in fact they are also emoters.

    Decision-Making Capacity

  • Against this Charland (2002) has argued that a sufficient level of homology can be found to unite at least the basic emotions as a class, and that we should regard emoters, and hence their emotions, as a natural kind.


  • Still, take away the flamboyant emoters, the 35-minute rant by a bongo-playing Himalayan Indie scriptwriter quoting the Dalai Lama and the actresses keen to flaunt their underprivileged backgrounds (to the great surprise of their parents) and what are you left with? news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • West came along, clearing the way for marquee emoters like Kid Cudi and Drake-but he readily admitted that he empathized with the designer's suicidal torment.

    Slate Magazine

  • That generation who survived the second world war or its subsequent austerity and consider us a load of spoilt emoters.

    Life and style |

  • All the emoters need to understand that cutting the football budget would make the program less competitive, further reducing revenue, leading to ...

    The Seattle Times


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