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  • noun Plural form of emotionalist.


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  • The ultimate programmer of his subconscious is philosophy -- the science which, according to the emotionalists, is impotent to affect or penetrate the murky mysteries of their feelings.

    Philosophy: Who Needs It?

  • If we were to give up all these hard earned victories, cease to investigate or experiment, deny the existence of disease, and depend upon the questionable methods of hysterical emotionalists we would soon find ourselves facing all the horrors of the past.

    The Eugenic Marriage, Volume IV. (of IV.) A Personal Guide to the New Science of Better Living and Better Babies

  • The progressives, Taft asserted, were "political emotionalists" and "neurotics"; Roosevelt, he complained, had promised not to accept another nomination, had broken his agreement, and had not given a fair account of the policies which the administration had been following.

    The United States Since the Civil War

  • These emotionalists urge the Imperialists against the use of black warriors for the simple reason that it would give them (the emotionalists) "a shock".

    Chapter XXI

  • The writer has during the past six months come across instances of the loss of an only son, but all these agonies count as nothing to your colourphobic emotionalists, who must, at any price, be spared their "shock" regardless of the sufferings of others.

    Chapter XXI

  • We were, all of us I think, emotionalists, of one kind or another, and went up and down in our feelings, alliances, severances, trusts and distrusts, as a thermometer goes up and down.

    The Dark Forest

  • Moodie; by fervid emotionalists, such as Anne Hutchinson or the Quaker missionaries: and every discussion of the creed left it more precisely defined, more narrow, and more official.

    Beginnings of the American People

  • He knew, too, that he was not making his life easier by adopting this course, nor was he gaining the popular favour of the emotionalists.

    Gänsemännchen. English

  • Signor and pushed his way through the delightedly horror-stricken emotionalists who had gathered at the fray, and strolled over to where

    The Making of Bobby Burnit Being a Record of the Adventures of a Live American Young Man

  • It is true that superficial thinkers and readers, enthusiasts and emotionalists, are likely to infer that the science of the soul can now be had "for a consideration" and in "a dozen easy lessons."

    The New Avatar and The Destiny of the Soul The Findings of Natural Science Reduced to Practical Studies in Psychology


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