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  • n. A genre of music that fuses emo and electronic music, typically combining emotional lyrics with instruments such as synthesizers, bass guitars, and sequencer.


Blend of emo and electronic, referring to electronic music. (Wiktionary)


  • MySpace page describes Seim's sound as "emotronic", which one would assume to be a portmanteau of "emo" and "electronic".


  • For all I know, 'emotronic' could mean 'sounds exactly like Fall Out Boy', which would be kind of awesome. "


  • No longer taken seriously, Lex started an evil empire and now moonlights with his evil emotronic alternapop band.

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  • On his MySpace the labels he attaches to his music are "shoegaze" and "emotronic".

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  • What the critic said: "If you like your emotronic dance-rock cheesy and prefabricated, then Montreal-based the New Cities are for you. Top Stories


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