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  • n. Plural form of empire.


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  • The outstanding and fatal problem with the builders of empires is that they have more to lose than anybody else, which has always in history sown the seeds of destruction for those who would try to rule the world.

    Think Progress » Brzezinski: Air Strike on Iran Could ‘Merit the Impeachment of the President’

  • Insofar as 'imperialism' might be used to refer to an intellectual position, it would imply the belief that the acquisition and maintenance of empires is a positive good, probably combined with an assumption of cultural or other such superiority inherent to imperial power.


  • AP: How does Cash Money compare to other rap label empires?


  • The Persian monarch held in his hand the keys both of peace and war; but he stipulated, in every treaty, that Justinian should contribute to the expense of a common barrier, which equally protected the two empires from the inroads of the Scythians.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • While one of the world's mightiest empires is crumbling, while the Soviet Union is doing away with State communism, while a wind of freedom and democracy is sweeping the planet, while the Berlin wall is tumbling down, while the big powers are meeting this week in Ottawa to discuss German reunification, while a strong, united Europe is looming on the horizon, while Nelson Mandela is finally freed, while the world is rebuilding all around us, what are we doing in Canada?

    The Meech Lake Accord

  • I also think that Afghanistan’s reputation as the graveyard of empires is well-earned.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Sons of Afghanistan

  • “The beginning of the fall of all great empires is marked by a raiding of it’s treasury.”

    Think Progress » Administration To Request Another $110 Billion For Iraq Next Year

  • The problem is that for the whole of human history, superpowers (previously called empires) have acted in a certain way, taking over all land within their power, and using superior armies to crush their enemies and plunder their resources.

    Taking Our Seat at the Table

  • Having recently visited both the Ottoman and the Mughal empires, that is to say some of their former domains the Safavid one being justly off limits for now, I can attest to the high level of mastery of their artistic class.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Muhammad: The “Banned” Images

  • However, the colony is nowhere near either one of those empires, which is why security there has been minimal.



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