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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of employ.


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  • The Man by whom Robert and I were employ'd, Mr. Chamberlayne, of

    Letter 20

  • I have been full employ'd, and I have written down the principle occurrence of each day in the enclosed Diary where if you can read hasty and bad writing, you will find that I had little time to make shoes.

    Letter 76

  • But as this Addition to the Money, will employ the People are now Idle, and these now employ'd to more Advantage: So the Product will be encreas'd, and Manufacture advanc'd.

    Is A Gold Standard Deflationary?

  • I wish to say to Mrs Park that my brother Isaac has finished and sent to me his six anthemns which have employ'd his musical leisure for some years past.

    Letter 184

  • Scotch Greys and all the troops in the garison who were not employ'd at the

    Letter 290

  • Daughter has just return'd from an eight weeks residence in Suffolk at the very Farm that employ'd me in my childhood.

    Letter 245

  • Humour or Passion, not the Merit of the Person to whom they pretend to direct it; but especially, their Kindness was now ungrateful to him, fearing it might displease as well as expose me, and irritate my Father against him; however, it had its Effect; for the Senate, whether unwilling to displease the Mob, or willing to please Marcellus, gave him his Liberty, which he soon employ'd in going to find me out in


  • As soon as I could get Leave of this holy Man, and the Chyrurgeon whom he employ'd, I dispatch'd to go after Clarinthia, whose Beauty had now made such an Impression, as I knew could never be effac'd; and indeed nothing but her Charms could have remov'd me from my good Hermit, whose excellent Conversation and holy


  • These, and many more Arguments of this Kind, he employ'd to evince his Assertion, which, I believe, is according to the


  • Rebellion which employ'd him at that Time; and therefore this cou'd be only a Pretence.



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