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  • verb archaic Third-person singular present simple form of employ


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employ +‎ -eth


  • He that cannot look into his own estate at all, had need both choose well those whom he employeth, and change them often; for new are more timorous and less subtle.

    The Essays

  • His head, shoulders, yea all his utmost strength he employeth, to remove that over-heavy hinderer of his libertie: but all his labour beeing spent in vaine, sorrow threw him in a swoond upon the Byshoppes dead body, where if both of them might at that instant have bin observed, the Arch-byshops dead bodie, and Andrea in greefe dying, very hardly had bene distinguished.

    The Decameron

  • But although it proceed not to that extreme, yet it consumeth time, and employeth the mind too much.

    The Advancement of Learning

  • For as in civil actions he is the greater and deeper politique that can make other men the instruments of his will and ends, and yet never acquaint them with his purpose, so as they shall do it and yet not know what they do, than he that imparteth his meaning to those he employeth; so is the wisdom of God more admirable, when

    The Advancement of Learning

  • The studious reader, and that in good earnest employeth his labour upon this business, has not need of further proof; his own eyes will witness this sufficiently.

    From the Talmud and Hebraica

  • He employeth some eminently; -- their work is great, -- their end glorious: at the very last step almost of their journey he takes off one and another, -- lets them not see the things aimed at.

    The Sermons of John Owen

  • This the Holy Spirit employeth and maketh use of in his entrance into this work, 1 Cor.xiv. 24, 25; for those convictions befall not men from the word universally or promiscuously, but as the


  • When a tyrant goes to dispossess a neighboring prince of what is lawfully his own, the men that he employeth at arms to overcome and get the land, fight for half-crowns and the like, and are content with the wages; but the tyrant is for the kingdom, nothing will serve him but the kingdom.

    The Riches of Bunyan

  • "The king must be put to it for help when he employeth such a one," commented a cooper.

    A Boy's Ride

  • He who, devoting himself excessively to the pleasures and joys of life, never employeth himself in the practice of religious meditation, must be exceedingly miserable.

    The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2 Books 4, 5, 6 and 7


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